Natural Gas Division

  1. Cooking with Natural Gas

    Cooking with natural gas is energy efficient.

  2. Customer Service

    The City of Chipley’s Natural Gas Department is committed to providing the citizens of Chipley with a safe and efficient community to live, work and play.

  3. Natural Gas Awareness Program

    The City of Chipley hopes that the Natural Gas Awareness Program will raise the awareness of the affected public of the buried natural gas pipelines in the community.

  4. Safety

    Always protect yourself from the dangers of natural gas. Do not hesitate to call the Natural Gas Department if you have any questions regarding natural gas and safety.

  5. Turn-On Existing Service

    If you need your utility services turned off or on, please call City Hall.

  6. What to Do If You Suspect a Gas Leak

    Natural gas is a colorless, odorless gas that is lighter than air. It will rise if there is a leak. Natural gas has a distinct odor of a rotten egg. If you smell a gas leak do not hesitate to call the City of Chipley’s Natural Gas Department.