Inaccessible Meters

The General Services Department has a specific time frame to read the meters each month. Customers can help by keeping their meters easily accessible to the General Services technicians, as well as keeping bad dogs away from the meter area.

Locked Gates

Our water meters are read using an AMR system (Automatic Meter Reading) However, there are times when the meters are read manually. Locked gates pose issues for the General Services technicians when manually readings are required. If your meter is behind a locked gate, please make sure that your current phone number is on file so that you may be contacted in the event a manual reading is required.

Vegetation, Trees & Shrubbery

Vegetation, trees and shrubbery should not be planted in close proximity to any gas or water meters. Over time, tree roots encircle water meter boxes, breaking water lines and making maintenance difficult as well as shrubbery that can grow over gas meters making an accurate reading harder to obtain. In case of a house fire or broken gas line, the valve must be located and shut off immediately.

Covered Meters

Covered water meters also pose a problem and can be overlooked when covered with fill dirt and sod. Make sure to locate and mark your water meter before performing any landscaping. The meter box can be raised to the proper height by the General Services technician once landscaping is complete.


When parking vehicles in the yard, avoid parking over the water meter. The meter cannot be read and the water line may break if the meter box is run over. This could also result in an estimated water bill and a possible charge for a damaged meter box.

Storing Items Against Meters

Covered gas meters are often used to hang water hoses on as well as having items stored against them, such as ladders, lawnmowers and bicycles, which makes reading more difficult. In the winter months, some customers cover their gas meter with an insulated material to prevent freezing of their gas service. In reality, only the regulator needs protection from freezing.

In short, remember the meters are there for a purpose. They must be looked at each month to determine your utility bill. Keeping your meters accessible will allow the General Services Department to provide you with a better level of service. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Public Works Department.