Planning & Zoning Commission


  • Meets "as needed"


The City Planning and Zoning Board consists of 5 members who shall be residents of the City. The Planning Board is also referred to as the Local Planning Agency (LPA).

Members are appointed by the City Council for 3 year terms and serve dual terms on the board. Financial disclosure is required annually to the Council on Ethics, State of Florida.

This Board acts in an advisory capacity through recommendations to the City Council for final action. The Planning and Zoning Board was established by Ordinance on April 3, 1963. The Local Planning Agency (LPA) was established pursuant to Section 163.3174, Florida Statutes.


A major responsibility of the Planning Board is the management and update of the City Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulations which provide for the growth management needs of Chipley through the year 2000 and beyond.

The Planning Board also functions in the dual role as the Zoning Board for the City and shall have the duties and responsibilities as set forth in the Land Use Regulations and the City Code. Most common among the Zoning Board’s duties is to review and consider citizen requests for zoning changes, special exceptions or variances to certain land use regulations and subdivision of property within the City.


This board does not operate under a separate budget; however, the City does provide administrative support. The Planning (and Zoning) Board shall meet on an as needed basis at a designated time in City Hall and is subject to Section 286.011, Florida Statutes, et. Seq. (Public Meeting Law).


  • Appointment Term: 3 Years
  • Financial Disclosure: Required