City of Chipley

Vendor Registration

The City of Chipley requires anyone doing business with the City to register as a vendor.  

Please note: The City of Chipley does not maintain a list of potential vendors. Completing a vendor registration form does not place your company on a list nor does it guarantee you will be added as a vendor. If your company has not been asked to register by a City department or been awarded business as a result of a competitive procurement, your registration documents will not be processed.

Vendor Registration Requirements:

  1. A completed Vendor Registration Form.  Vendor Registration Form
  2. An IRS Form W-9 is required for all new registrations. Form W-9
  3. Sunbiz Registration — The City of Chipley requires all vendors doing business with the City to be registered with the State of Florida’s Division of Corporations. For more information call 850-245-6052. Businesses located outside of the State of Florida are also required to be registered as a Foreign Corporation or LLC (whichever applies). For more information about registering as a foreign entity call 850-245-6051. You may also obtain additional information at www.sunbiz.org.
  4. Proof of Insurance — Service Contractors are required to maintain specific types and levels of insurance coverage depending on the services being provided and to submit proof of that insurance coverage in the form of a current Certificate of Insurance or a copy of their policy(s) declarations page. The certificate is required for all vendors prior to providing services.

Vendor Registration Forms may be submitted by: